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Unboxing a Hanstrom boiling water tap

The Hanstrom boiling water tap is a true stunner both inside and outside of the box! The tap removes the need for kettles and helps to declutter the kitchen. Their ‘tap into their future’ slogan is bold and is spot on to say the least. Instant boiling water on demand The luxury Hanstrom tap offers […]

Hanstrom Boiling Water Tap Customer Photos

Hanstrom are pioneers in luxury boiling water taps, we are proud to sell the Hanstrom taps on Tap DIY. Take a look below at some of our fantastic customer photos and be sure to visit our Instagram page to view more stunning photos. Looking to purchase a Hanstrom boiling water tap? Below is the full […]

Guide To a Kitchen Pull Out Tap

Kitchen pull out taps are becoming increasingly popular. A good tap can make a kitchen go from zero to hero and a pull out tap makes a stunning addition to any kitchen. There are so many taps to choose from and in our guide we will outline why pull out spray taps are just amazing. […]

Is Quooker the best boiling water tap in 2022?

Quooker boiling water taps have been around since 1992. Many renowned celebrity chefs all have Quookers including: Jamie Oliver, John Torode, Galton Blackiston and Anthony Worrell Thompson. In addition, other celebrities include Katie Price, Lisa Faulkner, Angela Griffin, David Flatman, Matt Edmondson and Peter Andre. While Quooker taps are not always the cheapest in the […]

Hanstrom Boiling Water Tap: a must have for your kitchen!

Hanstrom boiling water taps are a must have for your kitchen! Instant hot water is dispensed without the need for kettles or boiling a pan. They offer four hot water tap ranges: Ume, Lunen, Storan and Aran. Hanstrom taps are extremely safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to add strength to your […]

Ultimate Guide to Boiling Water Taps

Boiling Water Taps are becoming a trend in the UK. Read our guide below to find out everything you should know about boiling water taps… What is a boiling water tap? Think of a boiling water tap like a regular tap – but with the capability of providing instant boiling water at the touch of […]

Instant Hot Water Tap for Sink: A beginners guide

Thinking of installing an instant hot water tap for your sink? We list all of the information below that you should know! We will be explaining how a boiling water tap works, the reason they are so good and some questions that get asked alot about hot water taps. How does an Instant Hot Water […]

Are instant boiling water taps worth the money?

The Nova 3-in-1 instant boiling water tap provides boiling water straight from your kitchen tap which makes kettles a thing from the past. The 98° filtered water is boiling and is warm enough to brew your tea or coffee several times before it refills automatically. The Nova 3-in-1 instant boiling water tap has a 360° […]

Benefits of a Smart Bidet Heated Toilet Seat in the UK

Upgrading your toilet with a smart bidet toilet seat isn’t just about comfort for the cold weather. The toilet is arguable one of the most well used items in every UK home, previous research from industry association “UK Active” found that the typical adult Brit spends an average of three hours a week sitting on […]

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