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Guide To a Kitchen Pull Out Tap

20 May 2022

Kitchen pull out taps are becoming increasingly popular. A good tap can make a kitchen go from zero to hero and a pull out tap makes a stunning addition to any kitchen. There are so many taps to choose from and in our guide we will outline why pull out spray taps are just amazing. We will explain what they are and the type of tap you may want to choose for your kitchen.

What is a Kitchen Pull Out Tap?

A pull-out kitchen tap is much more than a normal tap, it features a pull out spout (usually a hose). A pull out hose means you can reach all those hard-to-reach places around your sink and eliminate any dirt stuck in them (such as grease or even small particles that are getting lodged into every corner of it).

Key benefits of kitchen pull out taps are:

  • Easy to use
  • Stunning
  • Affordable
  • Variety of styles and colours

There are many type of pull out kitchen taps available to purchase, all have the same kind of basic functionality. Kitchen pull out tap types have key differences.

Types of Kitchen Pull Out Taps

  • Weighted
  • Professional style
  • Aerator
  • Directional spray
  • Taps with a separate hand rise

To keep things simple and for a quick and easy installation, a weighted pull out tap is brilliant. A weighted pull out tap means that the tap spout and hose will be packed back into its housing.

The most popular pull out tap on Tap DIY is the directional spray tap which has a normal water flow as well as a shower like spray. The shower like spray tap setting allows you clean plates that may have food debris on them, in addition to cleaning the sink easily when you are finished.

We stock a massive variety of directional spray pull out taps at Tap DIY, the Sauben brand of pull out spray taps are our most popular…

Why Every Kitchen Should Have a Pull Out Tap?

A pull out tap is a modern and stylish option for any kitchen and will add a personality to your kitchen. They are functional taps and are capable of doing more than just one thing when it comes to cleaning plates. The hose can reach places that is certainly impossible to reach using a normal tap.

They are easy to use and are visually appealing…

Key Things To Note About a Pull Out Tap

A kitchen pull out tap can take up a large amount of space on your worktop and sink choice can be a very important factor when it comes to pull out taps. We suggest that you opt for a granite composite or stainless steel kitchen sink as it will ensure the sink can hold the weight of the tap.

Pull out taps can be compact even though they are very big in size as their hose is always pushed back (until you need to use it!)

We have a massive range of kitchen sinks that are available at Tap DIY which will make a perfect combination with your new pull out tap.

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