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Quooker – the boiling water tap that does it all…

29 July 2022

Quooker have transformed the way people drink hot, cold, boiling, sparkling, filtered water with their state of the art tap technology.

We believe that Quooker is a must have for anybody that is active in the kitchen as it improves efficiency and makes it easier for kitchen users. The features on a Quooker boiling water tap are incredible:

  • Hot and cold kitchen mixer tap
  • 100°C boiling water on demand
  • Cold filtered water
  • Sparkling filtered water

The features of the tap are very cheap to run and are delivered instantly for convenience.

Why would anybody pay upwards of £1,000 for a Quooker?

Studies show that UK adults spend 4 hours and 37 minutes a week making tea, this doesn’t include the vegetables, pasta or rice which all use boiling water from the kettle. These tasks all use much more energy than a boiling water tap believe it or not!

Founded by Henri Peteri back in 1970, Quooker has amassed more than 1,000,000 in sales and a huge amount of renowned celebrity chefs own them including Jamie Oliver!

The benefits of a Quooker allow the reduction of kettles and makes the kitchen look much more clean and less cluttered.

Highly rated alternatives to Quooker to save money

Hanstrom boiling water tap

Hanstrom are pioneers in creating luxury boiling water taps. Their designs are stunning and share the same features as a Quooker for the fraction of the price, prices starting from only £324…

Are boiling water taps safe?

Safety is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a Quooker. The technology behind a Quooker has been tested thoroughly before any of their taps even reach the market. All taps have a child safety features which is a relief. Boiling water will only flow once you press the twist dial twice before turning it (much more safer than a medicine bottle!)

How does a hot water tap produce chilled filtered water?

In its most basic form, the Quooker is a boiling water tap. The CUBE is a game changer as it provides chilled and sparkling water, the CUBE is an extra unit which connects to the vaccum tank, the unit contains filters and a cooling unit which helps produce on demand chilled water perfect for those hot temperatures the UK has had in the past few years. In addition, another CO² unit is connected to the tank will allow the Quooker to deliver instant sparkling water straight from the spout.

Which Quooker’s are available?

There is a range of Quookers available which include Flex, Fusion and Classic in a variety of styles and features. The tap comes in square or swan. The Nordic style of the tap option features twin taps.

There is also three different vaccum tanks to choose from. The Pro3 tank can hold three litres of water at 100°C and is the most popular option. The Pro7 tank can hold 7 litres of water ideal for commercial setups. For homes with low water pressure, there is the option of the Quooker Combi.

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