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Hanstrom Boiling Water Tap: a must have for your kitchen!

24 March 2022

Hanstrom boiling water taps are a must have for your kitchen! Instant hot water is dispensed without the need for kettles or boiling a pan. They offer four hot water tap ranges: Ume, Lunen, Storan and Aran. Hanstrom taps are extremely safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are looking to add strength to your kitchen, the Hanstrom Flex boiling water tap (branded as Aran) is the perfect choice. Add some elegance and sophistication to your kitchen decor with Hanstrom Flex boiling water tap available in three different colours: Chrome, Black or Gold. Delivering instant hot water which saves time, energy and money. All Hanstrom boiling water taps come with a high quality boiler and free filter which can last for 6 months.

How does a boiling water tap work?

The Hanstrom boiling water system is made up of a boiler that sits inside the kitchen cupboard which is then linked to the boiling water tap. The water boils only when the tap is turned on which makes it very cheap to run, whilst water is flowing out of the Hanstrom tap.


With a Hanstrom, the days of waiting for the kettle to boil are finally over… Hot water is available instantly saving time and effort when you are busy. Have countless number of teas or coffees at a simple touch of a button.


Many people shy away from boiling water taps as they believe a boiling water tap is more dangerous than a kettle. This is untrue as it is impossible to turn the boiling water tap on with little force. The flow of water comes out at a lower water pressure than normal preventing the risk of burns. In addition, a boiling water tap can’t fall over unlike a kettle!

Space saving

A Hanstrom water tap reduces the need for kettles which normally clutter the kitchen worktop. The tank which sits in the kitchen cupboard allows extra usable space under the sink as it is quite small and compact.


Hanstrom taps are available in a round, square, swan and flex design with or without a pull-out flexible hose and colours including gold, copper, grey, black or chrome.

The Hanstrom water system and some of its popular uses include: making tea, making a pot of tea, making coffee, cooking pasta, preparing baby formula, making fresh filtered coffee, removing candle wax and cleaning a food mixer.

Fresh Water

All Hanstrom taps come with a free filter which means fresh water! The filter will help remove any harsh tasting chemicals and make the water taste better.


Hanstrom boiling water tap installation is simple. All you really need is a water supply and electrical socket nearby. All Hanstrom taps include a handy installation manual.

Browse our collection of Hanstrom boiling water taps below or please contact us today for more options and information by emailing hello@tapdiy.co.uk. We are happy to help!

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