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Benefits of a Smart Bidet Heated Toilet Seat in the UK

29 January 2022

Upgrading your toilet with a smart bidet toilet seat isn’t just about comfort for the cold weather. The toilet is arguable one of the most well used items in every UK home, previous research from industry association “UK Active” found that the typical adult Brit spends an average of three hours a week sitting on the toilet. There’s multiple reasons you should install a smart bidet heated toilet seat in the UK which we will outline below in this article.

Smart bidet toilet seats are an impressive modern day technology and is a ‘thing from the future’, often coming with features such as LED lighting, deodorising function, multiple air dryer temperature levels, automated cleaning functions and more!

How exactly would a smart bidet toilet benefit your bathroom?

1. Additional Comfort

We’ve all been there, that shock from sitting on a cold winter night on your toilet seat… them days are finally over with the simple installation of a smart bidet toilet seat, making your bathroom experience a lot more relaxing and comfortable. Temperature can also be adjusted to suit your needs and for different seasons.

2. Next to no energy required

Smart bidet heated toilet seats need little electricity to run which means there is nothing to worry about when it comes to energy bills. The Japanese-Style Bidet Toilet Seat from Tap DIY is currently on offer and has an energy saving mode making it an ideal purchase.

3. Numerous health benefits 

Low temperatures especially during winter can cause discomfort for people with chronic pain or arthritis which makes going to the toilet a nightmare in some cases. A heated toilet seat can act as a heat cure for those struggling with issues like this as it promotes increased blood flows which can help relive minor aches.

4. Modern Technology

A bathroom with an old-fashioned rickety toilet from the past can make any modern bathrooms look outdated, replacing your old toilet with this smart bidet toilet seat will help uplift your bathroom’s appearance and aesthetics thus would impress any guest due to its elegant design.

5. Simple to use

Smart bidet toilet seats usually have a remote control fixed to the wall or fixture’s side which makes it simple to use even for people that aren’t too tech-savvy. A heated toilet seat can make going to the bathroom more enjoyable and an experience in itself – including easing muscle tensions and providing the much needed warmth during colder weathers.

Interested in uplifting your bathroom and upgrading it with a smart bidet toilet seat?

Tap DIY is an online store that sells taps and other plumbing supplies. The range of products includes a Japanese-Style Smart Bidet Heated Toilet Seat and comes with Free UK Delivery which can fit most UK toilets.

You can order a smart toilet directly from our website or contact us and we can help you find the product which would suit your needs.

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