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Instant Hot Water Tap for Sink: A beginners guide

24 February 2022

Thinking of installing an instant hot water tap for your sink? We list all of the information below that you should know! We will be explaining how a boiling water tap works, the reason they are so good and some questions that get asked alot about hot water taps.

How does an Instant Hot Water Tap work?

An instant boiling water tap works abit like an electric shower. Water still comes in the normal fashion, from your main’s supply but it is simply heated using a boiler, the boiler will heat water up to temperature of between 75 to 98 degrees celsius. Kettles are most definitely a thing in the past, thanks to instant boiling water taps and their modern technology.

Why would you invest in an Instant Boiling Water Tap?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an Instant Boiling Water Tap, especially the Hanstrom Flex 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap which has a Handheld Flexible Spout that is visually appealing. The aesthetics aren’t the only positive thing about Instant Boiling Water Taps, you may be fed up boiling the kettle constantly. Other reasons to buy an Instant Boiling Water Tap include:

  • Taking off unwanted tough grease from dishes and pans
  • Cooking vegetables, potatoes and pasta instantly saving time and effort
  • Making instant tea or coffee

Instant Boiling Water Tap FAQs

Where is the boiler located?

Whilst the sink and tap live above your kitchen counter, the boiler usually lives underneath saving you a lot of space, however you will need to be prepared to lose the extra cupboard space.

Are Instant Boiling Water Taps safe?

We can assure you that Instant Boiling Water Taps are safe, to be precise – they are more safe than using a kettle. Kettles have more dangers as they can easily knock over. Instant Hot Water Taps stick to only one place and that’s the sink itself! Kettles usually are warm from the outside making the Instant Hot Water Tap a winner as they are insulated against heat.

Are Instant Boiling Water Taps expensive to run?

Boiling water taps are quite cheap to run. Kettles usually cost a few pence to run (per boil!) whereas instant boiling water taps only cost a few pence to run per day, a huge difference when you add it up over time. The boiling water tap is also energy efficient as you will be saving electricity, water and more ultimately money – especially if you use a water meter that charges you based on usage.

Tap DIY have got a variety of instant boiling water taps on sale. Check out our top seller, Hanstrom, which include a free boiler and filter with every purchase.

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