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Differences between Overmount and Undermount Kitchen Sink

20 April 2022

Overmount and undermount kitchen sinks are both stunning. There are many factors when it comes to choosing a kitchen sink, these include: size, depth, dividers and materials. In addition, your countertop material will be a huge factor in making this decision.

Undermount sinks are usually more popular for their looks whereas overmount sinks are better for longevity and for kitchen worktop materials such as wood.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

These kind of sinks sit under the kitchen worktop, their edges are below the countertop. Below are a few types of undermount sink installation:

1. Positive Reveal: Kitchen counter ends before the edge of the sink producing a ledge.
2. Negative Reveal: Kitchen counter will overhang the sink.
3. Flush: Kitchen counter and sink are aligned perfectly.

Benefits and drawbacks of Undermount Sinks


  • Visually appealing addition to the kitchen
  • Provides more space to the kitchen worktop
  • Depth is bigger to give more room to clean large pots and pans


  • More expensive compared to overmount sinks
  • Installation is complex and requires professional installation
  • Granite or other types of stone worktops are recommended
  • Chance of kitchen counter edge chipping as you move heavy dishes or pots.

We stock high quality undermount sinks in different colours, below are a few inset or undermount sinks.

Benefits and drawbacks of Overmount Sinks

Overmount kitchen sinks usually have a bit of their edges sitting above the kitchen worktop. They also have benefits and drawbacks.


  • DIY installation is much more easier
  • Affordable sinks and straightforward installation
  • They work well with any worktop including not so solid ones


  • Crumbs and water can be an issue at the edges that stick out

We supply high quality Overmount kitchen sinks in different colours and size, below are a few of our popular overmount kitchen sinks.

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